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© American Vellum Craft, llc
Made in the USA by:
Rios Custom Etching, llc
Acrylic boards engraved with beautiful images that easily emboss onto vellum.  No cracking.  No tearing.  Perfect images every time.  Get your V.I.B.E.™ on!!  Want a class?  Check out our class page, Home page and Events page.  You can also find them on www.americanvellumcraft.com
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and keep up to date on what's coming.
All boards are either A7 or A2 and can be purchased at: https://squareup.com/store/thepaperhollow
Over 150 boards currently in our store!  Check them out! 
Created by Paula Wray
Created by Cheryl
Created by Carrie Killoren
Created by Debbie Reedy

Created by Cheryl